Bunnies Run AMOK!

Back in March of 2013, Jonya Pacey of Oronoco, Minnesota decided the world needed a little brightening. Tired of waiting around for someone else to make a difference, she proposed an idea to a handful of friends: with their group spread across five states, they would handcraft dozens of stuffed bunnies to distribute in their neighborhoods for Random Acts’ Annual Melee of Kindness (AMOK) weekend, in an attempt to spread some spring cheer. After approaching us for assistance, Jonya and her friends used their approved funding to head to their local shops and look for supplies.

Having collected the necessary items, they set up shop and began sewing. “We actually made 108 bunnies over three gatherings,” she writes. Why bunnies? “It was inspiration from the website Urban Threads called ‘The Giving Bunny Project,'” Jonya told the Rochester Post Bulletin. “Basically, you make and then release these small cloth bunnies into the world for people to find and take home. We’re doing it with the hopes that it will make somebody’s day a little brighter.”

With arms full of brown and white trenchcoat-wearing bunnies, Jonya and her friends made their way around their respective communities and met with dozens of strangers who were delighted by their kind efforts.

“The recipients were thrilled,” writes Jonya. “One story [Kerry and Melanie] shared was stopping to chat with ‘The Guy Who Waves at People,’ a local man who dresses up every day and waves at people passing by. He got a bunny and was tickled someone thought to do something for him.”

Additionally, the group left dozens of bunnies around town for others to find. Each cloth rabbit was tied with a tag that read, “This bunny was made for you with love — you can take it home” and included details regarding Random Acts on the other side. “We made people happy, surprised some of them face-to-face, and we can only assume the other bunnies made it to good homes,” Jonya says.

So how do Jonya and her band of plucky participants feel their amazing act of kindness was carried off? “Overall, it was a huge success for us,” she says. “As a group, we are stronger.” By helping those around them, their own sense of generosity has been emboldened, she admits. The friends have even begun “helping each other with charitable efforts, and spending more time together”.

To quote our fearless founder, “No matter what your resources, whether you have $100,000 to give away or a dozen cookies, everyone has the power to positively impact the world.” It’s a safe bet that Jonya and her friends (and, of course, those adorable bunnies) have done just that.

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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