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Random Acts, Inc.
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Regional Representatives

If you want to contact a Random Acts representative in your local area, please check out our Regions page to find your nearest Regional Representative. If we don’t have anybody in your area, please contact our Events Team at events@randomacts.org.

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General enquiries

If you have a question, but you don’t know who to send it to (and you can’t find the right people below), please contact us at info@randomacts.org.

Complaints or concerns

Should you ever have any complaints or concerns about Random Acts, our volunteers, or the work that we do, please contact concerns@randomacts.org. We endeavour to investigate any complaints that we receive. Please let us know if you wish to remain anonymous during the course of any investigation that may occur.

Events or acts queries

If you need more information about any of our events, or an act that you would like to perform, please contact our Events Team at events@randomacts.org.

Partnership or sponsorship queries

If your organization would like to sponsor or partner with Random Acts, then you should contact our Partnerships Team at partnerships@randomacts.org.

Public relations queries

If you have a PR question, or you would like to discuss an interview or article opportunity, please contact the PR Officer at pr@randomacts.org. If you have any other enquiries for the Marketing Team please contact marketing@randomacts.org.

Recruitment opportunities

We will always advertise any vacancies we have for our volunteer staff, but if you would like to talk to our HR Department, please contact hr@randomacts.org.

Mailing List

Get information about upcoming events, ways to get involved and the work Random Acts is doing as a member of our mailing list.