Welcome to Class Act, our award program which encourages schools to spread kindness around the world. Kindness comes in many forms, all of which have a positive impact on communities both locally and globally.

The award winner will be the group that is the most inventive in performing an awesome act or acts of kindness. They will receive $8,000 (or their country’s equivalent) for their school and have the opportunity to be featured on social media to serve as an inspiration to others.

The acts or projects can either be something planned and completed specifically for the Class Act award, or it can be something your classroom or school is already doing.

Please watch the video below for more information on the new Class Act Program!

The Colors of Kindness

  • Red: Advocacy
  • Orange: Community
  • Yellow: Compassion
  • Green: Environment
  • Blue: Self-care
  • Purple: Creativity 


  • Red: Advocacy: Start an anti-bullying campaign, Write about a cause in your school newspaper, Create signs promoting inclusivity
  • Orange: Community: Make care packages for the homeless, Start a community fundraiser, Write cards for first responders
  • Yellow: Compassion: Start a kindness club, Undertake appreciation acts for your teachers, Hold a food/clothing drive
  • Green: Environment: Organize a litter pick, Start a recycling program, Start a bee & butterfly friendly school garden
  • Blue: Self-care: Start a meditation group, Make medical masks, Create anti-stress lists for classrooms
  • Purple: Creativity: Make art for a hospital, Act out a play for a local care home, Write about the importance of kindness in a blog

What is included in the award?

If your project is selected as the winner, you win a trophy and $8,000 for your school. Runners-up will also have the potential to win cash prizes. Everyone who participates in the Class Act program will receive an e-certificate and a virtual prize bundle.

How to Document

We love to see your submissions and our favorites always include plenty of photos, videos, social media posts, and even PowerPoints!

  • Take us through the journey of your project! 
  • From its conception, through planning, the progress made, and the overall impact. 
  • Highlight your favorite parts! We cannot wait to see it!

How to Submit 

Please fill out the following form to submit your proposals here

I have a question

If you have any questions about this award scheme, please email classact@randomacts.org or connect with us and other participants over at the Random Acts – Class Act Facebook group.

Terms and Conditions

The Class Act Award is specifically designed for classrooms, whole grade levels, school groups, or entire schools. All participants (excluding any teachers who are assisting) must be 18 years of age or under and in full-time education. Homeschoolers are also welcome to participate; however, the awarded funds must be donated to a non-profit in lieu of being donated to a school. Should a homeschooled child or group win, they will be asked to nominate a non-profit for the award. Once Random Acts has verified the non-profit, we will donate the funds directly to the organization.