Tackling Food Deserts in Missouri

As part of our ongoing effort to fight childhood hunger (#RANoHungryChild) Random Acts is embarking on a world tour of kindness acts. You have seen some of them already, in places like Germany and Australia. We are doing our best to stretch donation dollars to impact the most people. This time we find ourselves in Colombia, Missouri where Communications Officer Inventory Holli DeWees is tackling a pressing issue: availability of fresh produce.

Farmers Markets and Urban Farms

For many folks across the world, the term food desert is an accurate descriptor of their day-to-day lives. It means that in urban areas, the availability of fresh and local produce is scarce, making it difficult to obtain healthy food options. The easiest solution to this is to find a way to match local farmers with local families. But this can be difficult in places where there is no consistent and/or weather-resistant way to hold farmers markets. Luckily, the folks in Columbia have come up with a solution.

Courtesy of Build This Town

Beginning in July, Columbia Farmers Market will open the doors to the Agricultural Park. The space features 98 vendor stalls where local farmers and merchants can sell their produce 50 weeks out of the year – including the winter time! But that is just the start of their vision. Build This Town, the organization building this community space, has some very important plans for the future. In the coming months, they will start construction on an Urban Farm. This space will grow produce for local food bank, Central Pantry, which feeds over 10,000 low income folks a month. Volunteers will have a chance to get their hands dirty by learning all about growing produce, a skill they can use in their own lives to grow food for their families. Build This Town’s mission is simple and important; bring healthy food options to all Columbia residents.

Funds at Work

To this end, Random Acts made a donation to assist with the building of this project. It is our belief that one of the kindest things we can do for one another is to help with one of our most basic necessities; access to healthy food options. If you feel so inspired by Build This Town’s mission, please check out their website to make a donation directly. If you are a local resident and get a chance to stop by the Columbia Farmer’s Market, let us know!

Have an idea for tackling food insecurity in your community? We would love to help! Check out our Sponsored Kindness page and let us know what you need.