Spurting into Greenery: #RANoHungryChild Visits Philadelphia

When we are wandering the aisles of grocery stores with a variety of items lined up like toy soldiers, we may not take time to think about each item’s origin or even consider how each ingredient likely had its own production line, from the first planted seed to eventually fulfilling its purpose. However, when it comes to food sustainability, every step is important. This fact is our next stop in our #RANoHungryChild worldwide tour’s focal point in an effort to diminish childhood hunger.

Image courtesy of Emily Rose DeMarco.


Random Acts Endure4Kindness (E4K) Events Program Coordinator E. Rose DeMarco teamed up with North Philly Peace Park. Located in the community of Philadelphia, the non-profit organization facilitates the growing of fresh vegetables for those who are unable to have the accessibility to healthy food. As the neighborhood is located in a food desert, many families have to tackle this difficulty. Alongside this, North Philly Peace Park has STEAM-based educational programs that are offered to local children. The lessons highlight the importance of the science behind planting being linked to nutrition. It is also a fun way for them to take a step out of their day to visualize how some of their favorite foods are created and if there is a difference when in comparison to a healthier alternative. What a great encourage-mint! As it is only when we are notified of what is in our food that we are able to create adjustments to keep our bodies in top shape.

Spurting into Greenery

In order to help get to the root of food insecurity, E. visited the garden center with Peace Park representatives. It was with the donations fundraised from E4K that Random Acts was able to make a monetary donation that helped supply seeds, soil nutrients, and other necessary supplies in order for the seedling to burst into thriving foliage. Thank you to our supporters’ generosity. With your help, we are continuously able to make the world a little greener.

Image courtesy of Emily Rose DeMarco.

If you are feeling inspired by this act, please check out Philly Peace Park’s website to make a donation directly or to become a volunteer. Thyme to plant a kindness idea? As always, if you have any ideas on how we can spread even more kindness in the community, let us know by contacting your Random Acts regional representative.