Sharing Hot Meals: #RANoHungryChild Visits Brazil

When we think of Brazil, we often think of the luxuries of sandy beaches and fun football matches. What may not spring to mind is the issues the country faces with food insecurity. The next stop in our #RANoHungryChild tour takes us to South America, where we are able to effect change in this beautiful country.

Courtesy of Alex Vincent

Struggling Economy

Random Acts teamed up with Children in Hunger, a charity organization based in the U.K. that strives to combat child poverty in Brazil. With four sites scattered across the country, its focus is centered around the city of Fortaleza, which is the capital state of Ceara known for being a part of the most impoverished region, the northeast. To put it into perspective, the houses are overcrowded, and there is a lack of basic facilities like running water and reliable sanitation. Due to unemployment, families are more likely to go without food, and children are faced with malnutrition.

Staying Afloat

This is where the non-profit Children in Hunger comes in. Their sole mission is to provide education and a hot meal for children in the poorest families. With a high donor delivery rate of over 90% and being staffed solely by volunteers, they have had much success. However, they are struggling with a few projects being suspended due to a lack of funding. While they have tried to establish funding through secure grants, luck has not been on their side. As a result, the charitable work they do has not reached all of the children they would have wished. With donations fundraised from Endure4Kindness, Random Acts is able to make a monetary donation to Children in Hunger, which enables their kindness to boomerang to these other regions. Once again, it is thanks to our supporters’ generosity that we are able to help organizations such as these to stay afloat and transcend such acts across the globe.

Courtesy of Alex Vincent

If you are feeling inspired by this act, please check out Children in Hunger’s website, where you can make a donation directly or organize a fundraising event. As always, if you have any ideas on how we can spread even more kindness in the community, let us know by contacting your Random Acts regional representative.