River of Kindness: #RANoHungryChild Stops by Hawaii

When we visualize Hawaii, the first thing that comes to mind is its beautiful shoreline as the waves echo against the grains of sand. It is the ideal holiday getaway for those who are fortunate enough to go. However, for some of those who deem the island as their homestay, it is not all picturesque views. Food insecurity exists, even in beautiful Hawaii. Nearly 200,000 Hawaii residents are living in poverty as of this year. As you have probably guessed, Hawaii is our next stop on the #RANoHungryChild worldwide tour.

Courtesy of Jennifer Willis-Rivera


Stable Ground

Random Acts teamed up with River of Life Mission, an organization operating in Hawaii that strives to create personal connections with those in need by using a review process that sees their current needs. In a documentary located on their website, the footage shows that their charity operates on a holistic approach. Those who have experienced homelessness in the past volunteer their time in the kitchen. With the care provided by the staff and their continuous unconditional love, they are able to have a better understanding as to why they want to live their lives to its full extent. They know what love looks like and, as such, are able to pebble it onwards to other people.

Executing Teachings

This step is followed through by a reclamation where those who are experiencing food insecurity are given the tools required, whether that is resources, encouragement, or life skill classes, which propel their journey toward self-sustainability. This is an important part of their journey toward the eventual release stage because it’s through using these teachings as their framework that they will be able to practice the skills in their everyday lives. In alignment with their mission, Random Acts used Endure4Kindness 2018 funds to provide both food and monetary donations to the River Of Life Mission. Thank you to our supporters for your generosity. With every solitary step toward kindness, we are able to make a positive impact on someone else’s life.

Feeling inspired? Please check out River of Life Mission’s website, where a variety of options are available to help, ranging from making a donation directly to volunteering. Perhaps a kindness idea? As always, if you have any ideas on how to spread even more kindness into the community, let us know by contacting your Random Acts regional representative.