#RANoHungryChild: Feeding Children of All Ages in Louisiana

In November 2018, Random Acts encouraged our supporters to take part in our annual Endure 4 Kindness (E4K) event. As always, you blew us away with your endurance and creativity. Money raised during E4K allows us to sponsor acts of kindness all around the world. Funds from E4K 2018 are also going toward fighting childhood hunger. Whether you challenged yourself with your own E4K activity, helped to spread the word, supported others with their E4K fundraising, or donated to The Bad Idea Tour, your participation is still helping to fight food insecurity.

Time to see how #RANoHungryChild made a difference in Louisiana!

Second Harvest Food Bank

One in five households in Louisiana is at risk of hunger. Between the rising cost of living, high unemployment, and low-wage jobs, there has been an increased demand for emergency food assistance. When impossible decisions must be made, meals are skipped. Parents go without to make sure their children are fed.
When #RANoHungryChild set our sights on Louisiana, we reached out to Second Harvest Food Bank to see how we could help with their amazing work. Thanks to your generosity during E4K 2018, we were able to make a sizable donation of shelf-stable food from their wish list. We were also able to give them a monetary donation so that they could directly buy additional food.

Beyond Traditional Pantry Models

Second Harvest provides food to hundreds of local community partners like food pantries, soup kitchens, schools, and shelters across South Louisiana. Many of the areas served lack grocery stores in addition to other resources. That’s where Second Harvest’s Mobile Pantries come in. Six days a week, staff or volunteers make deliveries to these communities and families.

Second Harvest Serves Those Often Forgotten

Many college students struggle to make ends meet. Between studies, loans, jobs, and work-study, these youths often face food insecurity. Working with several colleges and universities, Second Harvest has set up pantries right there on the campuses. Many of the students who make use of these pantries later go on to hold their own food drives and volunteer their time.

If you love what you just read about the Second Harvest Food Bank, you can go here to learn about all of the different ways that you can support them. You can also reach out to your own local food bank. You can volunteer your time, donate food or money to them. And, as always, if you want to chat about ways to make a difference in your community, our Regional Representatives would love to hear from you!