Funding Meals in American Samoa

As part of Random Acts’ ongoing efforts to reduce childhood hunger through our #RANoHungryChild initiative, we’re on a world tour of kindness. Our next stop is American Samoa to help a local organization feed hungry children during the school holidays.

Schools offer a safe place for children to learn and develop the necessary knowledge and skills to be productive members of society and lifelong learners. Children often face many obstacles along the path, including going to school tired and hungry.

Schools can offer children a respite from their home life and provide services beyond education. However, schools in many places are not year-round, and summer breaks can leave children without the support they rely on during the school year.

Taking care of kids in American Samoa

American Samoa, a collection of seven islands out in the Pacific Ocean, has a population of around 55,000 people. Over half of them lived below the poverty line in 2009 according to most recent data. Almost 60 percent of families in this circumstance have children under the age of 18. That number jumps to almost 65 percent for families with children under the age of 5.

Organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of American Samoa do their best to help families in the area. They pick up where school leaves off by offering fun activities to further develop skills in a safe environment. The BGCAS has served hundreds of youth since 2010 and serves 200-plus a year in their clubhouse open every day after school and during the summer.

The BCGAS offers programs such as college readiness, financial literacy, health and fitness education, internet safety skills, and service opportunities. Their goal is to inspire kids to achieve their full potential while keeping them safe after school.

The BGCAS also provides meals during the holidays for children who qualify for free school meals, making sure kids can still get a nutritious meal even when school is out. As part of our #RANoHungryChild initiative, our Events Manager, Alex Vincent, partnered with the BGCAS to provide some assistance. Random Acts donated $2,000 to the organization to feed hungry children while their schools are on break.

We have many stories to share with you about tackling food insecurity around the world, and you can help! Even a small donation of non-perishable food to your local food pantry can help your community. As always, we love hearing your ideas for tackling food insecurity or making a difference in other ways. We might even be able to help support your act of kindness. Learn more here.