#RANoHungryChild: Changing Babies, Changing Lives

As we step into a new decade, the human population steadily increases with an estimate of 14 million births and counting. These babies immediately engage with the world around them, and their level of growth is dependent on the resources available to them. Our next stop on the #RANoHungryChild tour is Washington, D.C., where Greater DC Diaper Bank focuses on meeting babies’ needs.

How Changing Babies Changes Lives

As part of our #RANoHungryChild campaign, Random Acts teamed up with Greater DC Diaper Bank. Greater DC Diaper Bank provides families in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia with personal hygiene products, including those needed to change baby diapers regularly. The charity operates off of the core belief that changing babies’ diapers changes lives. We all know there is a connection between diapers and food. While a baby is inside the womb, they receive nutrition from their mother. Upon entering into the real world, it becomes a tad trickier as they start to experience the many tastes, textures, and eventual reflexes that come with eating on their own. It is then essential to ensure adequate nutrition, as studies suggest that the physical development of a child, mostly relating to their brain, can be influenced by an enriched environment. Those raised in an environment surrounded by various toys and substantial food have a higher chance of acquiring learning and problem-solving skills.

Image courtesy of Shawna Abston

The Baby Registry

Through Amazon, Greater DC Diaper Bank has put together a list of necessary items for essential tasks ranging from potty training to feeding. When someone buys an item off of the registry, it goes to one of the DC Diaper Bank’s four unique programs. These programs include The Diaper Bank, The Baby Pantry, The Nursery Project, and The Monthly. As the names suggest, each one correlates to a different necessity. These range from The Diaper Bank supplying diapers to The Nursery Project making sure babies are warmly wrapped up. Due to your generosity from our Endure4Kindness 2018 fundraiser, Random Acts was able to make a monetary donation to The Baby Pantry, where babies can have a nibble from their registered pantry.

If you are feeling inspired by this act, then please visit their registry where you, too, can donate. Perhaps you have another way we can assist the next generation? If so, let us know by contacting your Random Acts regional representative.