Camping for Hunger in Virginia

While many of us are looking ahead into 2020, we here at Random Acts continue to look back at the many acts of kindness demonstrated throughout 2019. This time, the #RANoHungryChild campaign heads to Virginia, where a radio station, a 4-year-old honorary fire chief, and Random Acts Executive Assistant Chuck Faustine came together to help feed hungry families.

Camping for Kindness


For the last 11 years in Front Royal, Virginia, The River 95.3/WZRV has hosted “Camping for Hunger.” In a nearby shopping center parking lot, members of the radio station camp out on a bus for nearly a week to collect donations for a nearby food pantry, The Front Royal – Warren County Congregational Community Action Project (CCAP). The CCAP provides emergency food and clothing assistance to those in the area. They also give families with young children access to fresh produce. In the last year, the CCAP has helped 1,500 families on 3,408 occasions – an incredible 11% of the local population!

This year, Random Acts Executive Assistant Chuck Faustine became aware of the event, and that his son’s Boy Scout Pack Leader, Amanda, was raising money for it. Amanda’s four-year-old, Izabella, who is currently the Wee Miss Front Royal Honorary Fire Chief, was working within the community to collect as many donations as possible. Chuck was able to donate a wide variety of supplies, including canned goods, cereal, fruit cups, and water to help make the 2019 “Camping for Hunger” event a success.

Full Speed Ahead

The world can always use more kindness in all forms. If you have an idea for an act of kindness that you would like to perform in your community, visit our Sponsored Acts page to see how we can help turn that thought into a reality!