2016 was the final year to nominate someone for the Caught in the Act award; the program ended on December 31, 2016.

We all know the world is filled with kind people. But every now and then you see someone do something special – something out of the ordinary, something so exceptional that it makes you remember all over again what kindness is all about.

Caught in the Act is your opportunity to reward those people – to catch that moment in time and ensure it’s recognized and highlighted – an example shared with many. Caught in the Act is how we reward an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to another person, a neighborhood, a community, or the world.

How does it work?

If you know of someone who has made a difference through extraordinary acts of kindness, then you can nominate them for Caught in the Act.

You don’t need to personally know the individual, you might have read a news article about them, or your friends may have mentioned them.

Once you’ve made the nomination, we’ll review all of the submissions and the winners will receive a cash prize as well as a lovely certificate.

What does the award involve?

There are two parts to the Caught in the Act award. The winner, as selected by Random Acts, will receive US$3000, as well as a certificate commemorating their kindness.

We will also hold a public vote on selected nominees. The winner of the vote will receive US$2000 and an equally lovely certificate.

What sort of thing can we nominate someone for?

We’re looking for people who have performed creative and inspirational acts that have had a positive impact, whether that impact has been on a small or large scale.

It could be someone who does chores for those who are unable to, or someone who provides services or goods for someone who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

There are a lot of things that could qualify, so be on the lookout for people that are going above and beyond expectations.

What sort of documentation do you need?

As part of the nominations process, we need you to provide any kind of supporting evidence that demonstrates why you believe this person deserves to be “caught in the act” of kindness. It could include photos, videos, news articles, or testimonials.

If no official records are available, why not sit down with the person you want to nominate and video them talking about what they do? You could also talk to the people that have been affected by their actions and create a mini-documentary to support your nomination.

There’s no official documentation process. So long as we can clearly see what the act is, and what the impact is, we will accept it.

Can I nominate someone that works for another non-profit organization (i.e. not Random Acts)?

Absolutely! If you work for a non-profit and want to nominate one of your volunteers, or if you know someone who works for a non-profit and want to nominate them for the work that they do, that is absolutely fine. The only stipulation is that the nominee cannot be nominated for duties that they were paid to do.

I have a question!

If you have any questions about this award scheme, please email events@randomacts.org.