COVID Support Program–Children

In March of this year, we asked you to help us “help the helpers” due to a rise in need thanks to COVID-19. We were — and still are — humbled by your response. In total, you donated $56,665 to go to those fighting the pandemic on the front lines. You also answered the call to nominate organizations working in heavily impacted communities — and by “answer the call,” we mean that you nominated 2000+ organizations. We were overwhelmed and overjoyed by your enthusiasm for your local helpers.

From the initial list, we narrowed down to 60 organizations we were able to assist with COVID-19 support funds. We have shared many of them with you already, and here is the last batch!

a mother placing a mask on her child's faceTaking Care of the Most Vulnerable

As with any global emergency, one of the groups most impacted by COVID-19 is children. Closure of schools and childcare centers, sudden changes in routine, and rising unemployment led to meal and housing insecurity and increased emotional needs. Community organizations around the world rose to meet those needs.

Food Insecurity

Many families of school-aged children rely on the meals provided during the school day as well as food provided for families through programs like Blessings in a Backpack, kidsPACK, The Brightside Project, and Backpack Buddies for meals during weekends and school breaks. Halton Food for Thought regularly supplies healthy snacks for kids during the school day. As the pandemic necessitated school closures and groceries began to become more scarce, those same organizations met the challenge to provide food for children away from school.

The Sheridan Story/Every Meal supplies meals each month at community centers and libraries. Meanwhile, Children in Hunger meets a similar need in Brazil. Other organizations like TABLE shifted to dropping off packs of nutritious snacks and food at the doorsteps of children and families in need. The HART Pantry focuses more specifically on teenagers at risk, providing needed food while partnering with other local organizations to assist with teens at risk of violence and domestic abuse.

Housing, Health, and Community Services

However, children’s needs during COVID-19 go beyond food. Cradles to Crayons supplies non-food necessities such as diapers and hygiene supplies. Mary’s Place runs a day program to support distant learning in a safe environment as well as a shelter for families in need of safe housing. 

An unfortunate reality is that many children have to balance their needs while providing emotional and caregiving support to others in their households, a situation that has deepened due to the pandemic. In the UK, The Honeypot Children’s Charity focuses on these young carers by providing wrap-around services both in their homes and virtually.

Thank You

Without your support, we would not be able to support these community organizations. We are thrilled to be able to bring you stories of these and more organizations around the world that are making a difference in the lives of those impacted by the pandemic. Thank you for everything!