What is an AMOK?

By now, you probably have heard something about AMOK, and you might even know that it will be happening soon. But what the heck is it? How do you do it? Is this another one of those weird scavenger hunt things? (Spoiler: no, that would be a whole other weird thing.) Worry not, all will be revealed. Read on!

First Things First

A name by any other name is…well, you know the rest. In this case, AMOK is an acronym for the Annual Melee of Kindness. Now, the word “melee” is usually defined as “a confused struggle”, so if you still find yourself confused, that’s okay! That just means you are already doing this correctly.

But there definitely is more to AMOK than a bit of confusion. AMOK is a time when our fellow kindness enthusiasts around the globe go out into their communities and spread random acts of kindness. While that is something we do all year long, AMOK is special because we are all working together in a kind of synchronized way, to show the world the power and importance of kind acts.

Even the timing of AMOK can be a little confusing. Some years, AMOK was just for one day; last year we did it for an entire month! But this year, we will focus our kindness efforts on two days. Forty-eight hours. One little weekend. You can totally do this.

Okay, So…What Do We DO?

The great thing about AMOK is that you get to use your skills and creativity to do the kindness acts that matter to you. Love nature? See if there is a nearby park or beach that needs some help staying clean and beautiful. Got a soft spot for our furry friends? Why not volunteer at a local animal shelter. Or if you are feeling really adventurous, organize a knitting circle or crafting group and make some soft toys and blankets for lonely pets! Feeling a little shy, or just a bit sneaky? Leave some kindness cards in books at your local library! If something speaks to you, and it helps you spread kindness in your community, it is perfect for AMOK.

Be sure to take pictures and videos of the ways you spread kindness during the weekend to share on social media. Our official hashtag this year is #AMOKRA19 across all platforms. And if you need a little help coming up with ideas, feel free to reach out to a local representative in your area. They would love to get kind with you!

Ready…Set…and GO!

The 2019 Annual Melee of Kindness is taking place April 27 & 28. That’s just a few short weeks away! So put on your thinking caps, dust off your kindness chaps, and get ready to get kind. The conversation has already begun on social media – check out the #AMOKRA19 hashtag and say hello to Jean, our AMOK Program Coordinator. You might be surprised at some of the creative things people have done to spread kindness – and you might just come up with the perfect idea for yourself.

AMOK will be here before you know it, so let’s spread some kindness together!